Ryan Whitney & Mike Rupp's Round 2 Preview

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Ryan Whitney & Mike Rupp's Round 2 Preview

Postby Avyran » Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:44 pm

Pens-related, so here we go. 'Da link!
The 2008 playoffs. We swept Ottawa. All the other series were tied up 2–2. We knew we were going to have like eight days before the next series. So what did we do? Did we have milk and cookies? Hell no. We went out and got buckled. We partied all night.

We won the next series in five games. So let’s call it good team bonding.
I don’t always like saying that “this line will cross out that line” or that “it’s a wash there,” but if you look at this series on paper, there are a lot of washes. The one guy that sticks out to me is Phil Kessel. He gets a lot of heat. I’m willing to give him heat sometimes, too. But if we’re gonna be real, the guy’s playoff numbers are pretty good. He elevates his game. Kessel has been pretty damn good in the playoffs. Everyone should just accept it.

This series might tip depending on whether or not Kessel continues to score because Mike Sullivan has the ability to put Malkin, Crosby and Kessel on three separate lines at certain moments. That’s a matchup nightmare for Washington if they’re able to perform while split up like that. The question is if, especially Kessel.
Also, Rupp's a traitor. :scared:

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