5AF Warz Rules

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5AF Warz Rules

Postby PFiDC » Tue Apr 07, 2015 2:50 pm

Copy pasta from another board.

ZOMG what are these "Wars" that keep going on in NHR?! Some of you know all too well, but for everyone else, it's a game and I'm going to give you the basic rules. It's the same basic thing as "Mafia" or "Werewolf."

If you're not familiar with them either, that's OK, but you can look those up if you need more background information.

They first arrived at LGP in the summer of 2008. Juice was the main God of all things Werewolf, but gave up the reigns and decided to join the common filth when "Slug Wars I" came to town. It's based on a weird inside joke, but was essentially just another Werewolf game with SLUGS as the bad guys instead.

Pavel Bure joined the mod scene in November of 2009 with **Nintendo Mafia** and introduced a more mysterious set of rules and new RPs. You know hardly anything about what RPs there at the start of the game or the total number of bad guys. Since then, various types of "Mafia" and "Wars" games have been popping up and are getting stranger and stranger. Strange tastes good.

Basic Rules :pop:

- There are night and day phases to the game.


- During the night, the role players send their actions to the moderators via PM.
- Night ends and Day begins when all the PMs are sent in or a set time limit runs out.


- The Day begins by announcing the death of any players.
- The village then votes on who they think is a Bad Guy, and that person is killed when a majority is reached.
- Votes are cast in yellow text (i.e. lynch NAN) and taken back in blue text (i.e. unlynch Corvidae)
- The Day and Night begins ends when a majority is reached or the time limit runs out.
- Night begins with the announcement of the person’s death, and their role is revealed.


- Is a bad vampire movie


The game ends when all Bad Guys are dead or the village is so decimated that the Bad Guys have become the new majority.

Standard Roles :scared:

Bad Guy (Wolf, Slug, Jellyfish, etc.): They are bad.
Alpha Bad Guy: Leader of the Bad Guys who has the final say in any actions. If killed, a regular Bad Guy will take over.

Angel/Doctor: Protects a player each Night from the Bad Guys.
Seer/Detective: May view the identity of one player each night.
Vigilante: May kill someone at Night. Ideally, they will kill a Bad Guy, but it often doesn’t work that way.

Could other roles be out there?! (yes)

Guidelines :face:

- Do NOT talk about the game in private unless you have a role indicating that you may do so. Bad Guys may typically do so.

- Do NOT edit or delete your posts for any reason.

- Once you are dead, you can no longer post in the game thread. Any information or suspicions go with you too the grave.

- Posting during the Night phase is either discouraged or prohibited.

- No game talk in the LGP Chat, as it is not viewable by everyone at all times.

- Do not post PMs from the moderator to try and prove your Role.

- You MAY talk about Fight Club. Be my guest.

FYI 8-)

- Any changes for individual games will be noted in the Sign Up Thread

- If you have any questions about the rules or your role, PM one of the game’s moderators.

- All roles will be randomly generated using http://www.random.org/lists/

Special Note: Players are strongly encouraged to set their online status to 'hidden' while playing the game. This will prevent other users form being able to track when you are online. Perhaps more importantly, it will also prevent them from being able to track where you are on the board.


TWC's Recommending Reading:

Beginner's Guide to the Game of Mafia
Various Mafia Roles

Seeing the PM quoting disaster that took place in the current game the easiest way to fix this is create a generic town PM.

You are *town* your goal is to eliminate all *non-town/mafia*
Given doctor it up a bit with your game theme.

Every townie gets that PM. That PM is also posted at the start of the game in the rules post so that EVERYONE knows what the generic town PM is.

Any role players in the game receive the generic town PM as well as what their role is. In this fashion no one can use hinting at or quoting the town's PM as a way to clear themselves or someone else, thereby keeping the game within the set rules.

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5AF Warz Rules

Postby Algernon » Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:43 pm

Can an angel protect you from a day kill?

like a lynch?

probably not

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5AF Warz Rules

Postby slappybrown » Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:26 pm

People have had that twist in past games.

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5AF Warz Rules

Postby columbia » Thu Sep 08, 2016 10:20 am

Are we ever going to get a write up for Rock and Roll Warz?

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