The official 5AF NHL Concussion thread

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The official 5AF NHL Concussion thread

Postby iamjs » Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:54 pm

Thought it would be easier to do one central thread for anything concussion related.

Former NHL Players Want You To Pay Attention To Hockey Concussions, Too: Ex-hockey players met with members of Congress to show how damaging the brain injuries can be. ... 02ao5n4s4i
Dan Lacouture would love to be that lucky.

Like Purinton, Lacouture spent his time in the NHL as an enforcer. They were actually teammates on the New York Rangers for two seasons, defensemen who dealt out blows on the same backline. Lacouture started to lose control after a concussion in 2004, which he suffered after falling to the ice during a fight. The team doctor, he said, didn’t even send him to the hospital for an MRI.

He initially turned to alcohol to deal with the depression and anger that started to boil in his head. Two bottles of wine a night. Then Ambien, which he said he started taking when team trainers gave it to him in a hotel on a road trip. He spent nights on the couch wondering how to quit the only game he’d ever loved.

“A lot of times in the [last] six, seven years I was shocked I actually even woke up. ‘Cause I had maybe popped two Ambien and had two, three bottles of wine in me from the night before,” he said. “Just **** stunned that I even woke up.”

“Sometimes,” he continued, “I was pissed off I even woke up.”
I knew he had concussion issues after he left the Pens, but I had no idea they were as serious as what was mentioned in the quote.

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